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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 1.8 billion members and over 500 million active daily users. It’s wonderful to share images on Instagram since it attracts likes, comments, and new followers. 

But it’s harder than it seems to attract actual Instagram followers, particularly if you’re not well-known. You’ve heard of an app called Follower Size if you’ve been searching for methods to use Instagram to market your brand or want to become a popular influencer. You have come to the right place if you are considering using the Follower Size to increase your likes, comments, and followers but are unsure whether you are making the right choice. 

With so many fraudulent platforms available on the market that promise to help you grow your Instagram following, you may be disappointed to learn that they only offer bot followers that damage your reputation. But with the help of this platform, you can now increase your followers fast and easily, so let’s start our topic, “How to increase Instagram followers using Follower Size.”

What are Follower Size?

FollowerSize is a platform that helps you increase the number of real Instagram likes, comments, views on your videos, and followers. With the help of their free Instagram follower tool, you might get 100% genuine followers from active Instagram users. 

The fact that the Follower Size has had thousands of visitors is strong evidence that it is reliable and effective. The Follower Size lets you purchase Instagram followers, which are entirely free and genuine Instagram users, using an advanced algorithm. 

This implies that every follower you get for free is real. With the help of this platform, you can add up to 10,000 real followers each day. The Follower Size stands out from the competition since it assists you in gaining real and focused followers. 

As a result, your Instagram interactions will increase as you earn followers who will connect with your posts. 

This platform only targets people who are active and real users, so your posts will get more likes and comments as a result. The Follower Size also offers advice to all of its users on how to increase their Instagram following. The Follower Size is safe, secure, and suitable for all types of devices.

As long as they offer a trustworthy platform, you won’t be required to provide your personal information, such as the details of your primary Instagram account. 

No surveys, no verifications, no follower limit, and no fees are required. Additionally, you do not need to use your actual Instagram account in order to use this platform. 

Simply log in using your different Instagram account. An account that you don’t use often is referred to as a “phony account.” Once you’ve logged in with your different Instagram account, you can use the Custom URL function to direct followers to your real Instagram account. The Follower Size application stands apart from other applications due to this feature.

Is it safe to use the follower size?

Reviews of Follower Size are all positive. The positive score is based on an automatic review of 40 internet data sources, including the technology used, the company’s location, other websites located on the same web server, etc.

Websites with a score of 80% or above are generally secure, with a score of 100% being very secure. However, they firmly advise that you do your own due diligence on any new website before you intend to make a purchase there or provide your contact information.

Benefits Of Using the Follower Size

1. You won’t have to spend anything to use the Follower Size to increase your following, likes, comments, and video views.

2. It is simple to use, secure, and safe.

3. Increasing privacy No research or validation is necessary.

4. Every user is legitimate and active.

5. Have many supporters. Up to 10,000 new followers may be added each day.

6. A simple and straightforward user interface.

7. Using this platform on your phone is quite simple.

8. To further distinguish the program, it also offers a URL function.

9. Using this program, you may get up to 500 new followers in a single minute.

10. The follower size really shows you followers, likes, comments, and video views right away.

What are the requirements for using follower size?

Follower Size is the name of this website. This website may ask for your Instagram password and your username to access your account. Also, it gives you the suggestion that if you have an account with no pictures posted, you will get fewer followers. So to have access to the followers at a high rate, make sure that some pictures are already posted on your existing Instagram account.

What are the steps to using follower size? 

Step 1: First and foremost, you have to visit the official website. On opening the website, you will see a login page. Click on the login button.

Followers Size | Free Instagram Followers | Get Real Followers On Instagram

Step 2: After clicking on the login button, you will see a page where you have to fill in your username and password.

Followers Size | Free Instagram Followers | Get Real Followers On Instagram

Step 3: You have to wait for some time, as it takes time to log in after clicking on “Giris yap.”

Step 4: You have to select the number of followers you want.

Step 5. Please complete the instructions outlined on the page

Step 6: Within a minute, real Instagram followers will start following the username, which you have already entered.

Followers Size | Free Instagram Followers | Get Real Followers On Instagram


The Follower Size website is a simple, straightforward approach to obtaining real Instagram followers. They give you limitless real Instagram followers for free. No personal data is needed. The finest web for Instagram fame without paying money is FollowerSize.

However, avoid using third parties to get followers if you want to keep your Instagram account. This sort of third-party platform is not secure for your Instagram account. And if you use it login with a demo Instagram account. By the end of this article, we hope you have understood the topic “How to increase Instagram followers using Follower Size.”

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