5 Best Free Government Online Courses with Certificates in India 2023

With the development of technology, online learning has become more accessible as well as popular. The government of India has taken a step to provide free online courses with certificates to enhance the knowledge and skills of citizens.

These are such courses in which there is no cut-off of subjects. In this, courses ranging from computer basic to those used in the industry have also been made available. It has not demanded any kind of limitation from the course takers such as age, economic background, gender, and fee-paying ability.

Let’s find out the government free online courses with certificates.

NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning)

Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science These two prestigious educational institutions have led a creative resource that is National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). 

The program is offering a wide range of courses which is online including management, engineering, humanities, science, and more. This is a unique concept for anyone to explore their skills and fulfill their knowledge.

NPTEL is aiming to provide quality content in the educational field where access for everyone will be easy-going. All the courses are totally free of charge especially available through online platforms.

The interface is user-friendly and is made for learners to navigate through the internet. Each course has been designed with the help of experts in those particular fields of subjects and all courses are regularly updated with the help of current and relevant resources.

The main benefit of the NPTEL program is learners can receive the certificate after completing their course that is recognized by the best organizations in India and abroad as well. Plus point of this course is this course can access from anywhere and is flexible so at any time learners can learn at their own pace.


SWAYAM is a revolutionary advantage for students where the Indian government is providing quality education with the concept of Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds. This platform has an amazing range of courses in different streams like humanities, engineering, science, and much more. This initiative is a primary stage to build the bridge between educational gaps in the country.

Students can use SWAYAM to have access to an amazing range of all resources from their homes and a comfortable time. These courses have a big approach of video lectures, materials of assignments, and quizzes too.

Such a platform is giving a chance for students to communicate with experts in their subjects and receive their doubts answered. SWAYAM is a trustworthy platform where prestigious institutions made courses that are totally free of cost.

Many students are unable to pay their fees for education due to which SWAYAM courses are a game changer for them. After completing a course, the site is also providing a certificate that can be a useful advantage to a student’s resume. SWAYAM is a big step towards making a change in the educational concept in India by making it possible to develop freely.


The National Council of Educational Research and Training has designed the program ePathshala which is a digital education footprint to improve the access and quality of school education in India. For students grade 1 to 12, this platform includes a broad collection of e-books, textbooks, video and audio content along with other resources.

Whether students are in the class or at their home, they can easily learn on their own time and comfort with ePathshala. With a broad range of features like simulations, virtual labs, and animation, this platform offers an engaging atmosphere for learning that makes education more enjoyable and focused.

ePathshala is made to meet the various needs and tastes of students. Students from many countries and even from different backgrounds are able to use ePathshala.

These platform e-books are also providing concept in offline and online versions and at the same time allows students to access them from the regions where the internet is not available.

With the help of ePathshala, the Indian education system is taking a big step towards digitization by providing students access to exciting learning materials, and quality of education. Such a concept has the power to make a change in students’ points of view and make them ready for the challenges of the future.

National Digital Literacy Mission

Indian government launched the National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM) as its main program to provide learners with digital literacy as well as give them the skills they need to engage in the platform of the digital economy.

This goal is to provide a plenty range of subjects including computer fundamentals, the use of banking in digital platforms, the usage of email and the internet, and more.

NDLM conducts courses that are made to be relevant to people from every phase of life, whatever their age, level of educational stage, gender, age, or economic status. Since, the material is available in both English and their local spoken languages that are available to students all throughout the country.

From its beginning level, this program has trained millions of people in digital literacy and made a major role in improving digital inclusion in India.

The interesting part of NDLM is that courses are free so they are available to anyone who cannot pay training fees. The certificate received after finishing a course can be a useful addition to a resume and support people in getting a secure job. 

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

The government of India formed the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) as a public-private partnership concept to improve the workforce of the country’s employability. The organization provides a huge selection of free-of-cost courses including healthcare, hospitality, construction, retail, and more to go.

These courses provided by NSDC are made to meet the particular requirements of companies, and businesses and enable students the abilities as well as information they need to be successful in their respective fields which they want to grow. Courses are easy to access all around the country because they are in both languages such as English and their native languages.

Courses designed by NSDC are both practical and theoretical too that are focusing on practical training and projects which are relevant to the current industry demands. Students are getting real-world scenarios through these courses where the top business leaders are providing their best training and exposure because the corporation has teamed with the superiors.

This is a big step towards reducing the talent gap in India and encouraging equal economic growth in the NSDC. The organization’s efforts to provide high-quality education to students across the country are remarkable and have the potential to improve people’s quality of life.

Final Note

It does not matter what background you belong to because the Government of India has given you a chance to explore your potential by launching these free online courses with certificates.You will get practical knowledge in this and with that you will also get a chance to boost the hidden potential inside you.

If you are in any field now, then the chances of growing in the same field also increase because the practical knowledge given in the course gives you an idea of ​​the ups and downs in your career.

With such a platform given by the government, you are getting a chance to bring forward the skills, which will give stability in your career.

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