How to Cancel Order On Domino’s App Easy And Quick Way? 2023

Currently, Domino’s is one of the leading pizza delivery services in India who have hardly disappointed their customers. Most of us order pizzas and fast foods on the weekends while watching TV.

But did you ever face a situation where you had to cancel your order just because you messed up the toppings or selected the wrong option? To make it worse you don’t even know how to do that?

Don’t worry pal! we got you covered. Mentioned below are the steps to cancel your Domino’s Order by using the App:

how to cancel dominos order?

how to Cancel Order On Domino's App Easy And Quick Way? 2023

1.       Open the Domino’s app present on your phone.

2.       Log into your account. If you were already logged in then you should skip this step.

3.       Click on ‘My Order’ option

4.       By clicking this option you can check the status of your order.

5.       Make sure that your order is not dispatched.

6.       If your order is set to be dispatched then you may not be able to cancel your order any more.

7.       Now get back to the main menu

8.       Check into the customer care section of the Domino’s app.

9.       Now a dialogue box will open up, this means you have been connected to Customer Care of Domino’s.

10.   After this you need to text ‘cancel my order’ and hit the send button.

11.   Your order is sure to get cancelled if you have cancelled your order within the limited time period or your order has not gone for preparation yet.

12.   If your order has been successfully cancelled then you will receive an order cancellation message.

Note: Needless to say, the decision to whether or not cancel your order will entirely be taken by the Company itself. If it comes in the terms and conditions of Domino’s delivery services then your order will be cancelled for sure.

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How to cancel your Domino’s order by using the website?

You have seen how easy it is to place an order using the Domino’s app and how quickly the meal is delivered, cancelling an order is as simple as placing one.

If you have ordered by using the website of Domino’s then the steps might vary a little. No need to panic because the user interface of both the app and the website is very similar hence, by following the above steps you can easily cancel your order even on the website of Domino’s.

Alternative steps to cancel your Domino’s order:

If you are a beginner it might seem a bit difficult for you to cancel the order by following the above mentioned steps. In such cases you are advised to call directly on the customer service number provided by Domino’s itself.

Try calling on the number 1800 208 1234  if you want to cancel your Domino’s order. After cancelling your order you might be asked the reasons behind your cancellation of the order, If your issues are justified and stay by the rules and regulations of Domino’s franchise then your order will be cancelled immediately and then a refund will be made to your account, following the similar payment methods that you used for the purchase.

However, Domino’s is owned by individual franchises therefore the refund policies might vary.

What is the refund policy of Domino’s?

If you have cancelled your order then you might ask for either

·         The replacement of the order

·         Or a complete refund of the money.

If you want to replace your options selected in the previous order then try selecting other options in place of the former ones. In this case, you will not be refunded your money.

However, if you requested a complete refund of your money after cancelling your order then your money will be refunded to your account within 48 hours of the cancellation process.

Steps to get a refund while using different modes:

1.       Dominos App: Make sure to enter all of your bank information. Domino’s must identify you in this application, and once you send your reimbursement claim, the refunding process can start.

2.       Live Chat: Go to Domino’s menu and choose the contact us option. You can then inform them of the cancellation of the order and the timing. After you submit it, the refund will begin to process.

3.       By Phone: You can contact Domino’s numbers directly. Contact them to discuss the issues you are facing with the Refund Policy.


1.       Can I cancel my Domino’s order on the train?

Ans: You should be aware that cancellation of the order should be placed two hours of the scheduled delivery time. This is possible because ‘Cash on Delivery’ option is available for Train delivery.

2.        Will Domino’s accept my order cancellation?

Ans: If the reasons behind your order cancellation come in the terms and condition of the company then your order cancellation will be approved. If it doesn’t then your request won’t be granted.

3.       Does Domino’s refund back the money after order cancellation?

Ans: According to the Domino’s terms and conditions they will surely refund back all your money for the Cancelled orders using the similar payment methods that you used for the purchase.

4.        Can Domino’s cancel my order?

Ans: There are some rights which allow Domino’s to cancel your order. Some of those include:

·         If the address of delivery is reported for continuous abuse or harassment.

·         If too many fraud delivery calls have been made from the same delivery address

·         If the address lies outside Domino’s delivery area

·         Your order might get cancelled if previously you did not pick up your order from the specific address.

·         If your delivery address has already been reported as a bad address by the Domino’s franchise

5.        Can I cancel my Domino’s order after it has been delivered?

Ans: No, you cannot cancel your Domino’s delivery order after it has already been delivered to your address.  Even if you cancel it or refuse to accept the delivery then you may not be refunded back the money.

6.       How long does it take for Domino’s to completely refund your money?

Ans: It will take around 48 hours after the cancellation of your order. You will be refunded back 100% of the money by using similar payment methods for your purchase.

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