How to use Instagram Live to engage with your follower’s strategy?

While Instagram is primarily a platform for sharing beautiful pictures, video is becoming an increasingly important part of the platform.

Instagram Stories and IG Live were launched in 2016 and are embraced by both users and the platform. There are plenty of reasons to create a video strategy for Instagram if you don’t already have one.

In this blog, we’ll discuss How to use Instagram Live to engage with your follower’s strategy? Which users can use to broadcast videos live and interact with followers in real-time.

Instagram Live is temporary, marketers can produce live videos without spending much time or money, and they appeal to audiences of all sizes.

What are the benefits of incorporating Instagram Live?

  • Going live on Instagram is one of the finest ways to direct honest, genuine interactions with your followers. It is one of the benefits of using Instagram.
  • In contrast to pre-recorded Instagram Stories, Instagram Live is an entirely unedited stream that your followers can tune into and engage with. 
  • And that’s not the end of it. Instagram Live is one of the most participatory video platforms offered by Instagram, since it enables viewers to provide feedback and ask questions during a live broadcast.
  • Building a closer connection between your brand and prospective audience may be accomplished with this helpful tool’s help. 

A Walkthrough of the Step-by-Step Process Of Going Live on Instagram

Using Instagram Live is a great idea to engage with your follower’s strategy because before you begin broadcasting, specific required details must first be handled.

Step 1: Change Your Instagram Live Settings

It is highly recommended that you verify your camera settings before beginning an Instagram Live broadcast. Launch the Instagram Live mode view to accomplish this goal. Then, to access your controls, press the settings symbol in the screen’s upper right-hand corner.

You may choose from this menu whether you want specific individuals to be able to see your Live broadcast, in addition to configuring additional tools, such as which side of the screen your camera toolbar will appear on.

Step 2: Filter Out Offensive Comments

You can automatically hide offensive comments and manually filter comments that contain specific words or phrases if you’d prefer not to see inappropriate language in the comments section of your Instagram Live broadcast. It is helpful if you’d rather not see comments that contain specific words or phrases.

Click the settings menu for your Instagram account, scroll down until you reach “Privacy,” click “Hidden Words,” and then change the option for “Hide comments” from “Off” to “On.”

You may take it one step further by using the “Advanced comment filtering” option or manually adding words, phrases, and emojis to a list you do not like viewing.

You may also choose someone to act as a moderator for the live stream by using Instagram’s brand-new “Live Moderator” option. It makes things much more convenient.

That will be one less thing for you to worry about since your moderator can report comments, remove viewers from Instagram Live, and turn off comments for a viewer.

Step 3: Verify Your Live Stream While in Practice Mode 

You may do a trial run of your Live setup in advance by using the “Practice Mode” feature that Instagram provides.

To preview your broadcast before going live, click the eye symbol in the screen’s bottom left corner. Change between “Public” and “Practice” on the menu. Well, that wraps it up! This function is ideal for ironing out any flaws in the system before it is made available to the general public.

Step 4: Put It Into Action

It is easy if you have completed your practice session successfully and are prepared to perform in front of an audience.

Hit the “Live” button at the bottom of your screen to begin broadcasting, and be ready for the camera to zoom in on you!

Step 5: Utilize the Interaction Capabilities of Instagram Live

After your live broadcast has begun, you will have access to a variety of elements that, when combined, will make your show more attractive to viewers:

You may display questions from your audience on the screen by pressing the symbol that looks like a question mark inside of a speech bubble, which is located at the very bottom of the screen. When a viewer has sent it in during the live show, you can share a question with other viewers.

Tap the paper aeroplane symbol at the bottom of the screen to compose a Direct Message to someone about your Instagram Live broadcast and send it to them.

Tap the person symbol at the bottom of the screen to invite a friend or follower to join your Instagram Live broadcast.

Press the filter icon on the screen’s right-hand side to apply an Instagram Stories filter to your live broadcast.

Just use the “Comment” button to post a comment on the live broadcast. You may also “pin” it to the top of the stream by touching and holding a statement for a few seconds.

Tap the camera icon on the screen’s right side to disable your video stream. This icon is located on the screen’s right side.

You can also share a video or picture on the screen you’re using to broadcast.

Step 6: Finish the Live Broadcast

Tap “End” in the upper right corner of the screen after your Live broadcast is over, and then press “End Now” to confirm.

You may save it for future use by tapping the save symbol in the upper left corner of this screen, which will keep it on your camera roll. You can select a cover, write a caption, specify a location, and tag others.

How to Organize a Successful Instagram Live Event

Because you are familiar with the process of going live, we can discuss the elements of a practical approach.

Below is the list of the top three suggestions that we have compiled for presenting next-level Instagram Lives that provide actual value for your brand:

Promote your Instagram Live event beforehand.

When it comes to obtaining those all-important views, marketing an awaiting Instagram Live session consistently and in a planned manner may make all the difference in the world.

Broadcast live when your audience is most engaged.

One of the simplest methods to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram Live broadcasts is to go live when your followers are most engaged. Studying historical data patterns to determine when your audience is usually most engaged on Instagram is the most effective way to accomplish this goal.

Think About the Lighting and Location

When you plan the location of your Instagram Live broadcast and the lighting, you may significantly influence how professional your broadcast appears. Think about how the background of your Instagram Live complements the message that your business is trying to convey. 

Closing Remarks

You don’t have to stop the fun after you’ve finished broadcasting on Instagram Live. By using the “Share” button, you may reuse your live broadcast as an Instagram video. For people to be able to share live broadcasts, they need to be at least one minute long. It is the perfect moment to start utilizing Instagram Live for your company, if required.

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