How to use Instagram Stories to Promote your Brand | Complete Guide 2023

500 million users on Instagram! Yes, it is the actual number, not just a fancy figure to attract or blow your mind. Every day, over 500 million people use Instagram Stories to check out the latest reel videos and emerging trends they can keep up with. If you are not an OG Instagram user or are not keeping up with the latest Instagram trend, you’re missing out on the action. 

After seeing a product or brand in Stories, approximately 50% say they are more interested. In addition, the other half of respondents claim to have purchased from a website after viewing a product or service in a story.

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Why Use Instagram Stories To Promote Your Brand?

You are missing out if your marketing strategy does not include Instagram Stories. Over 200 million people on Instagram check at least one business account daily– an incredible number of users checking your brand/business. If your company hasn’t already, now is the time to jump on the story bandwagon. One in every 10 people is attracted to some XYZ brand and tends to buy something. 

The habit-forming plan of Instagram Stories has us stuck reviewing them for longer than we plan to. It’s easy to keep clicking through instead of exiting because we don’t know what’s next.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Brand?

By watching these addictive Instagram stories, the users tend to watch them more than they want. They get addicted, and then Instagram starts consuming them by attracting them to various sponsored posts and stories—just one click to your friend’s post, and you don’t even know how many stories and reels you must have glanced at the moment. This gets you sucked into buying more and more. It functions like a consumption conveyor belt:

You get involved by clicking on a picture of dinner taken by a friend. You don’t know where the last 20 minutes of your life went after scrolling through 30 people’s Instagram Stories, watching 5 ads, and swiping up to see links from influencers’ wardrobes.

Without further ado, let us get started and discuss how you can use Instagram stories to promote your brand.


Because of Instagram Announcements, they’re an extraordinary method for sharing any declarations like new items, new stuff updates, discounts, and other important dates and information!

These splendid chances to post in the background would do great business shortly. The only key is the consistency and patience to keep posting. Your followers will have the impression that they are privileged to the most recent information and will also get to know you and the business. You can add multiple photos to make your Instagram Story more engaging for your followers. This will keep the viewers attracted to your page. 

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These personal insights could involve anything from creating a content reel or a business-related reel/video short or showcasing any product you want your viewers to grab attention. They will help show your business’s human side, increasing brand engagement and awareness!


As you probably already know, hashtags are a crucial strategy for effective Instagram marketing. They can also be helpful for Stories. You can tap the hashtag sticker to tag your Stories to view a page that displays all of the photos and videos people have uploaded using that hashtag. Hashtags play an important role in allowing viewers to learn about your brand. They act just like keywords act in Google.

Stories and Highlights 

Since their introduction in December 2017, Instagram Story/Highlights have revolutionized the industry. They serve as a personal “best reel” on the latest trends for regular users. In any case, for brands, having the option to stick Stories to the highest point of your profile goes about as an expansion of your profile.

Highlights are a great tool for showcasing your product or service and letting people know who you are, what you do, and why you do it. With a catchy cover, create Stories to serve as Highlights—they will transform your Instagram page into a brochure!


Instagram stories may be an amazing tool for commercial, influencer, and other professional collaborations. To use Instagram stories for collaborations, find possible partners that connect with your brand or business. 

Once you’ve located these partners, use Instagram’s direct messaging function to contact them and offer cooperation. When developing your cooperation proposal, clarify what you intend to gain from the collaboration and what you can contribute. 

This might include access to your product or service, visibility to your following, or other advantages. Once you’ve decided on collaboration, you can use Instagram stories to advertise it and emphasise the advantages to your audience. 

This could include sharing behind-the-scenes content, exclusive discounts or promotions, or highlighting your partner’s products or services. By leveraging Instagram stories in this way, you can expand your reach and build valuable relationships with other professionals in your industry.


Apart from this, Instagram has also allowed consumers/brands to post questions, slider stickers, polls, and so many other kinds of marketing strategies so that they can make the most out of Instagram stories.

They get paid if they become consistent in making and posting reels. You do not have to be a big international brand to promote your products. All you need to do is click on “Facebook’s ads manager”, throw in some money, and get your ads started and viewed by a large audience. 

Clients can set updates, and brands get this information to know precisely how many (and which) members of their crowd are generally locked in! It is up to your creativity to create your brand’s virtual and visual identity to be shown on Instagram and make money from it. 

That’s all we offer in today’s blog, “How to use Instagram Stories to promote your brand.” I hope you liked reading it, and for more updates, keep visiting.

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